A Peer-to-Contract
Staking Economy

Our mission is to create a universally accessible onchain staking platform that helps crypto enthusiasts enjoy a yield direct from a permissionless protocol with just a few clicks of a button.

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What is DAO Baker

DAO Baker is an earnest effort by BlockSwap Network to automate the Tezos (XTZ) staking (a.k.a baking) process through a set of self-enforcing smart contracts and provide block by block transparency and auditability.

The purpose is to make the baking process a more inclusive user experience and remove friction in the current staking process that limits the benefit only to niche technical crypto users. Our solution intends to provide a mainstream grade user experience for Tezos staking.

DAO Baker is a 100% open source project.

DAO Baker removes uncertainties and gives users a more transparent way to take part in the wealth creation by securing the Tezos protocol through block by block visibility of reward generation and distribution.

Our Smart contract-based trustless tokenized staking protocol will provide highly automated and programmable monetary management of the entire process (includes fees, rewards, and payouts), having it fully auditable on-chain.

Staking Rewards

Grassroots governance

Everyone can become a baker and champion a cause on Tezos by becoming an SLOT token holder.

1) Anyone could become a Baker by depositing a REFILL lot bond amount for a roll by simply depositing 80 XTZ or through choosing a baker and buying a the SLOT token, enjoying Baker privileges.

2) A REFILL lot needs to complete 7 cycles to qualify for baking rights and 13 cycles to be a spendable SLOT token.

3) Once a user has supplied 80 XTZ lot to the REFILL pool, they will start earning baking reward as usual, and once the lot has been selected for a baker bond amount, you will receive SLOT tokens minted out of that lot. It will then be associated with the Baker key of the SLOT address in DAOBaker.